Director General of FoodDrinkEurope, representing Europe’s largest manufacturing industry, since July 2007. Mella Frewen’s previous positions include Director for Government Affairs EMEA at Monsanto, dealing with agricultural biotechnology, conventional agriculture and agri-chemistry. Prior to that, she was Director, International Relations for Cerestar, then Europe’s biggest starch producer. From this role and her earlier ones in the Ferruzzi and Eridania Bégin-Say Groups stationed in Brussels, she has a wide experience of relations with relevant International institutions, with the Institutions of the European Union and trade associations within the food chain, as well as with the agricultural and chemical sectors. Ms Frewen has represented the Food Industry in the EU Commission’s Advisory Committee on Arable Crops, in the Commission’s Standing Committee on Renewable Energy and in the Commission’s Advisory Committee on Non-Food and Textile crops. She is currently member of the EU Commission’s High Level Steering Board for the European Innovation Partnership for Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability and of the EU Commission’s Scientific Steering Committee for EXPO2015. She is also member of several food industry-related Boards. Ms Frewen is Chair of the ACEI (the Alliance for a Competitive European Industry) and Vice President of the OECD’s Advisory Group for Responsible Business Conduct along Agricultural Supply Chains. She is Co-chair of the Supply Chain Initiative for fair business practices across the food chain. She has worked in the Agri-food sector in Europe for 25 years. She has a Master of Science degree from the National University of Ireland, and completed a post-graduate course at the University of Brussels (ULB). She also holds a Harvard certificate on Agribusiness and an INSEAD certificate on International Operations Management.