The participants compete for a number of core prizes on the basis of a written description of their work, their exhibited material and the interviews with the Contest Jury. In addition to this, a limited number of special donated prizes are awarded by the Jury, to offer some winners the opportunity to benefit from the specific experiences linked to these prizes. It is up to the Jury to decide whether a prize-winner can receive both a core prize and a special donated prize.

Core Prizes

The Core Prizes are the principal prizes awarded at the contest. These are cash prizes. In the case of a team winning such a prize, the amount is shared equally between the members of the team.

There are three categories of Core Prizes:
  • Three First Prizes worth €7,000 each
  • Three Second Prizes worth €5,000 each
  • Three Third Prizes worth €3,500 each

Honorary Prizes Associated with the First Prizes


The Special Donated Prizes are offered to contestants who, according to the EUCYS Jury, would benefit from the specific experience that these prizes offer. They are mostly study visits to leading scientific organisations:

EIROforum award the following prizes:
  • European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) – offers a project prize (for up to 3 people) of a week’s visit to their Geneva site
  • EUROfusion (JET) – home of plasma physics and fusion research, offers one project a one week stay (for up to 3 people) at their Culham, Oxfordshire, UK site
  • The European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) – offers a project prize (for up to 3 people) of a week’s placement at their premises in Heidelberg, Germany
  • The European Space Agency (ESA) - offers a single prize winner the opportunity to attend a major space science conference in Europe or to spend a week at ESA’s main technical centre, ESTEC, in The Netherlands.
  • European Southern Observatory (ESO) – offers the winner of a single-student project, a visit to their facilities in Chile including trips to the Paranal Observatory and ESO’s Scientific Centre in Santiago, Chile
  • European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) – operator of Europe’s most powerful synchrotron radiation source, offers the leader of a winning project a one week visit to their site in Grenoble
  • The Institut Laue-Langevin (ILL) – operator of the world’s most intense neutron source, offers the leader of a winning project a one week visit to their Grenoble site
  • European X-Ray Free-Electron Laser Facility GmbH (XFEL.EU) – offers one winner a one week placement at their site near Hamburg, Germany

ISTF kindly awards the winning project the opportunity to take part at The International Swiss Talent Forum February 6th – 9th 2019 in Switzerland.

The JRC kindly offers a two day stay at its Ispra site in Italy for 3 projects (up to nine students).

INTEL ISEF kindly awards prizes for three projects (up to nine students) offering the winners the opportunity to take part at INTEL ISEF 2019 in Phoenix, Arizona in May.


FoodDrinkEurope will award the winner/ each member of the winning team of this prize a €2,000 cheque to help the young scientist in their research pursuits

CarGill are pleased to offer the winner/winners a 2 day all-paid visit to its state of the art R&D centre in Vilvoorde (Belgium).

The Kerry Group
The Kerry Group are pleased to offer the winner/winners and 1 accompanying adult a 2 day trip back to Dublin for a trip to Kerry’s Global Technology and Innovation Centre.

Tate & Lyle
Tate & Lyle will be pleased to host the winner/winners at one of their 3 European food ingredient/ applications tab facilities with travel expenses included. Should the winner be under 18, an Apple iPad or similar tablet will be awarded.

The European Association for Chemical and Molecular Sciences is pleased to offer a prize of €1000 to the best Chemistry project.

are pleased to offer all contestants submitting projects in Mathematics a free one year licence to Mathematica and WolframAlphaPro.

The Salvetti Prize of €2,000 is awarded for the best project in the field of maintenance technology.

The PRACE EUCYS award is given to the best computational project. The winners will visit a supercomputing centre and all the costs related to the trip will be covered.

Bulgarian Summer Research School Award
The award offers one student, who will not have finished his secondary education by August 2019 the opportunity to participate in the Summer Research School of the Bulgarian High School Students Institute of Mathematics and Informatics.

Host Country Prizes

Science Foundation Ireland
Science Foundation Ireland are pleased to offer the winner of their award €2,000.

Irish Research Council Award for Excellence in Interdisciplinary Research
The Irish Research Council are pleased to offer a prize of €2,000 to the project that best combines two or more branches of science, or best combines a branch of science with a branch of social science or a branch of the humanities.

Institute of Physics
The Institute of Physics kindly offers a prize of €2,000 to a project with superb physics content.

The European Commission is very grateful to the organisations that offer these special prizes to the contestants.